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Why Should You Think About Participating in a Study?

You’ll be actively contributing to the development of important new medicines that could help improve the quality of life for people around the world. You’ll get a welcome break from your everyday routine (and we’ll take extremely good care of you while you’re our guest.) And of course we’ll compensate you for your time.
In Fargo, we conduct studies both during weekdays and on weekends to make your scheduling more convenient. If you qualify for a study, it may require overnight stays; other studies require daily visits for short periods of time. Learn more by clicking on our Open Studies in the right column or reading about What to Expect below.
Once you submit the study form requesting more information, a recruiting specialist will contact you to provide more detailed information and make sure you qualify for the study.

What to Expect

World Class Science
You’ll know the instant you walk in the door that you’re involved with a world class research institution. In fact, our Fargo clinic is currently the largest facility of its type in the country. You’ll see experienced, medically-trained staff efficiently carrying out research projects while ensuring the comfort and safety of participants, and fully answering any questions participants may have. You’ll catch a glimpse of cutting-edge technology. You’ll notice how clean everything is, while still making you feel welcome.

The Cetero Research facility in Fargo conducts research for all aspects of the drug, dermatology and cosmetics industries through both inpatient and outpatient studies. We work closely with the biopharmaceutical industry to deliver new skin-care medications, patches, lotions, and creams.
Flexible Scheduling
We try to accommodate participants’ schedules by offering studies conducted on both weekdays and weekends. Certain studies require overnight stays, while others require daily visits for short periods of time. All study participants are closely supervised by a team of doctors, nurses and other medical professionals.
The Comforts of Home … and Then Some
If you have to stay overnight, you’ll enjoy modern, residential-dorm style accommodations, with fresh linen and clean towels provided. We serve healthy and tasty portion-controlled meals and snacks … with no washing up afterward. You’ll have wireless internet access. And you’re welcome to bring personal belongings to make your stay more comfortable.
Qualifying for a Study
Eligibility for every study varies, so we need to ask you a few questions about your age, sex, health, current medications and smoking/non-smoking habits before we can enroll you in a study. Once you submit the online information request form, a recruitment specialist will conduct a telephone pre-screening based on the needs of the specific study. Also, if you live nearby, you can visit us in person for a preliminary screening visit at no cost or obligation. Once we know more about you, we’ll be able to suggest the best match between you and one of our open studies.

Contact Cetero Research in Fargo, North Dakota

Phone: 701.277.7227
Toll Free: 888.277.7227
Email: fargorecruiting@cetero.com
Address: 4801 Amber Valley Parkway
Fargo, ND 58104
Hours of Operation:
Monday-Friday: 7:00am-10:00pm
Sunday: 12:00-8:00pm
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Open Studies in Fargo, North Dakota

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A Participant Viewpoint

quoteI have participated in numerous studies with Cetero Research throughout the years and have always felt confident in the staff and procedures that I have had contact with. The staff has always made it easy for me to feel comfortable in the study that I am doing and it’s a great way to make extra money.quote

– Jen P.