Participate in a Study

Why Participate in a Cetero Clinical Study?

Participants tell us they join our studies for a number of reasons.

Most important is that they know they’ll be helping advance tomorrow’s healthcare. Without participants like you, the creation of new drugs, enhancement of existing drugs, and development of lower cost generic drugs would not be possible. Your participation could help improve the quality of life for people in your community and around the world.
In addition, you’ll be compensated for your time. At a Cetero clinic, we’ll treat you as our guest, – and see to it that you have comfortable accommodations and plenty of peace and quiet during your stay. Or access to the Internet, if that’s what you prefer.
For most studies, we’re looking for healthy people of either sex and any age over 18; in other cases, we’re looking for people of a certain age or with a specific condition, such as diabetes, high blood pressure or allergies. To see if you qualify for a particular study, click on any of our five clinic locations below and then select one or more of the listed open studies to see what the participant qualifications are.
You can be sure Cetero will take good care of you. We take pride in the steps we take to ensure the safety of every participant,. Licensed medical professionals will always be present to carefully monitor you throughout the study.
For more information on how we ensure your safety, regulatory oversight, study duration and what to expect during a study, please look over our Frequently Asked Questions. And feel free to ask us any questions you like before, during or after the study.
What Happens During These Types of Studies?

Clinical pharmacology or “Phase I” studies are the first phase of drug development, an in-depth process of clinical trials that typically spans four phases. Phase I studies are designed to look at a drug’s effect in healthy individuals, and in those who may have conditions or disease indications that require a treatment similar to what is being tested.

During some studies, different types of tests will be done, including blood and urine tests and electrocardiograms (ECGs). But since each study is different, you will get a full explanation before participation.
The Pre-Screening Process

The first step involves a general health screening call with one of Cetero’s recruitment staff members. Participants who meet basic entry criteria defined by the study protocol will be scheduled for an on-site screening visit to determine if they meet specific study qualifications. These in-depth screenings usually involve additional laboratory tests.

Upon confirmation that you meet protocol qualifications, you will be given a visit schedule and have the opportunity to ask any questions you like.
Prior to check-in, we’ll remind you of your appointment and make sure you understand what to do and what not to do in the hours immediately before your visit.
Cetero typically recruits additional participants beyond minimum required numbers, to compensate for those who are unable to fulfill visit obligations.
After a Study

Upon successful completion of visit schedules and exit activities (which typically consist of a physical examination and laboratory tests), participants typically receive compensation within two weeks.

Regulatory agencies mandate a 30-day waiting period between participating in studies involving investigational drugs.
Please select a location to see if there are any studies that sound interesting to you:
Fargo, North Dakota

The Cetero Research facility in Fargo, North Dakota conducts inpatient and outpatient clinical research for the drug, dermatological and cosmetics industries. We specialize in studying new skin medications, patches, lotions, and creams.

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Miami, Florida

The Cetero Research facility in Miami, Florida is always looking for healthy males and females to participate in our clinical trials. We also conduct research involving people with a wide variety of medical conditions, including allergies, high blood pressure, arthritis, diabetes and obesity.

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St. Louis, Missouri

The Cetero Research facility in metropolitan St. Louis, Missouri specializes in studying bioequivalence – which simply means evaluating whether a potential new generic drug is absorbed into the blood stream the same as its brand name equivalent. We are currently seeking healthy adults to participate as paid volunteers in these studies.

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San Antonio, Texas

The Cetero Research facility in San Antonio, Texas provides inpatient and outpatient clinical trial research in endocrinology, including, but not limited to hypertension, high cholesterol and obesity, with a specialization in diabetes.

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Toronto, Ontario

The Cetero Research facility in Toronto, Ontario performs research studies in a number of therapeutic areas – with a specialty in allergy and respiratory research. We frequently conduct trials into potential new treatments for seasonal allergies (ie. grass, trees, ragweed), perennial allergies (ie. dust, mold), asthma, and dry eye regardless of the season.

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From a Participant

quoteCetero Research benefits many people. We are researching medicine for our future generation and ourselves. I have had wonderful experiences here. It is very professional, safe and helps me out financially with extra money. The friendly professional staff makes it easy to sign up for another study.quote

– Joanne A.